Archiving Project

Looking for Volunteers!

The Rhine Center volunteers have been preserving and organizing their abundant newspaper and magazine articles dating back to the 1930s. Susan Freeman and Pamela St. John have been leading monthly “Archival Work Sessions” in the Rhine Research Center Alex Tanous Library since last February, and are always happy to have more volunteers to join them at the table. Time is spent reading fascinating articles and labeling them with date and category. Snacks or lunch can be brought, although we eat them in the kitchen

If you would like to help please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . ThJB Rhine with Zener cardsank you for all your help!

We have come a long way! We are starting to create the actual notebooks for all of the articles, and now we are starting on photos, and of course there are still more articles! It is always fun and informative, and we would appreciate your help. Bring a lunch or a snack.

Place: Alex Tanous Library, Rhine Research Center


Volunteer Hours = $$Rhine Dollars$$

For every hour you volunteer at the Rhine you can earn 2 $$Rhine Dollars$$. Volunteers have lots of opportunities to contribute to producing our programs, archival work, office and library work etc.

To keep track of your volunteer hours please pick up a Volunteer Hour Log from Lisa. Each volunteer is responsible for tracking their own hours.

Rhine dollars can be used to attend events, take workshops, or buy books, t-shirts, caps or Zener cards.

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